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Our Projects

Here are few examples of our products supplied and installed in recently completed projects.

Grand Central (GCNZ)

PGCNZ (Grand Central), Christchurch, New Zealand.

PRODUCT: Armaflex Insulation FRV

CONTRACTOR: Craig Hayles Insulation Limited


DESCRIPTION: Images are from plant-room install, where 50mm thick Armaflex Insulation has been installed on steel pipe-work for chilled water and heating water application.GCNZ is a six level office complex, which is now completed. Great looking installation.

AWLY Plant-room

AWLY Plant-room mechanical services project.

PRODUCT: Installation of 32mm and 38mm Armaflex FRV Insulation.

INSULATION CONTRACTOR: Craig Hayles Insulation Limited

DESCRIPTION:This is half-way through completion, the insulation will be clad in Aluminium sheet to ensure long term durability and performance. Lots of valves and varying sizes of pipework makes it a great install project. Completed 2016.

Sudima Hotel Development

Sudima Hotel, Memorial Ave & Orchard Rd, Christchurch Airport, Christchurch.

PRODUCT:  Triplus Acoustic Waste Pipe System & Triplus Ventilation Branch System

CONTRACTOR: Foley Plumbers Limited

DESCRIPTION:  Image is installation of Triplus Acoustic Waste Water Pipe System, this has been installed in a 5 x Level Hotel project.  The images show the vertical and horizontal waste stack systems being installed to the first floor of this project.  As we progress up through the floor levels the use of the Triplus VBF (Ventilation Branch Fitting), will be applied.  This reduces the need to separately vent the building, reduces the amount of penetrations through each floor level.

Efficient and effective way to set-out a single stack system.

Auckland Preschool

New Pre-School Development, South Auckland, New Zealand.

PRODUCT: Galvin Specialised Wall Mounted BIB Tapware Timed-Flow (COLD only).

QUANTITY: 14 x supplied.

PLUMBING MERCHANT: O’Briens Plumbing and Bathroomware Takanini, Auckland

DESCRIPTION: Timed Flow BIB tapware by Galvin Specialised was chosen for this pre-school as a robust, sturdy tapware item that will get a fair bit of use over time. BIB taps are easy to use for the individual and offer a timed flow so no need to be concerned about shutting off manually.

High Street Multi Apartment & Retail

7 Level Apartments & Retail, High St, Christchurch.

PRODUCT: Valsir Triplus Acoustic Waste Pipe System

CONTRACTOR: MWO Plumbing Limited

DESCRIPTION: Image is installation of Triplus Acoustic Waste Water Pipe System, this has been installed in a 7 x Level Apartment & Retail project.  Very neat & tidy installation by the plumbing contractor.

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